According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you have the right to return goods within 14 days after making a purchase. Returns and exchanges are subject to goods in proper condition (completely intact and intact), belonging to the category of standard items. As well as goods in improper condition (damage caused by the carrier company, manufacturing defect). Non-standard products made to your individual order are NOT SUBJECT TO RETURN (except for damage by the shipping company or manufacturing defect)!

Products in good condition:
- should not have traces of exploitation, as well as scuffs, chips, dents and scratches;
- have a complete, undamaged packaging, complete packaging and production marking;
- you must retain all tax invoices and invoices confirming the fact of purchase in our company.
That fall into the category “Damage caused by the carrier company”:
- a product that has chips, dents, abrasions, scratches on the working surface and the back side, violations of the product design, its deformation, as well as other obvious mechanical damage eniya. In such a product, in the first place, the integrity of the package and obvious damage to the box will be broken!
Products that fall into the category of "Marriage production":
- products that have scratches, dents, bumps on the working surface of the product, deformation of the shelf, the lack of plastic parts covering the sharp corners of the product, the deformation of the surface of the product, the absence of parts or mounting elements, the absence of elements of the product frame, the wrong location of mounting or swivel mounts, no factory complete set.
Damage is considered a manufacturing defect only if the integrity of the package has not been compromised and it has absolutely no damage!

Upon receipt of our products from the shipping company, you MUST carefully inspect the goods so that it does not have any damage, and the integrity of the packaging is not compromised! In no case DO NOT SIGN the documents on the acceptance of the goods until the end of the inspection for damage during transportation. If you find damage to the goods or packaging with a courier DO NOT SIGN documents! And immediately inform the representatives of our company about the incident to resolve the situation as soon as possible and to pay damages to the carrier company.
You can contact our specialists from the return department by phone: 050-435-79-45, 063-500-44-47,  by writing us a problem at tso.company@gmail.com or by filling out a special form below.Only in case of compliance with all the above actions, we will be able to demand from the carrier company compensation for damages that will cover all losses for the manufacture and delivery of a new order for you. If the documents were signed without inspection of the goods, and later damage was discovered, or the documents were signed when damage was discovered immediately upon inspection, we, unfortunately, cannot help you and prove the guilt of the shipping company and demand compensation for damages from it. Please be careful!

If you find any damage to the product or its packaging during delivery, and you want to return or exchange such products, DO NOT SIGN the acceptance documents at the time of receipt. Thus, you will refuse the parcel, and the carrier will return the goods to our company or send it for recycling, and compensate for the damage caused.
If you find a manufacturing defect, contact our company by phone: 050-435-79-45, 063-500-44-47,  or by means of the return form, and report a problem. If the problem requires a refund, replace the product with a new one, or eliminate the manufacturing defect of this product, it will need to be sent to the transport company to us for production. Delivery of this product by the carrier will be at our expense. If you are in Kharkov, we ourselves can pick up such a product, or replace it with the help of our carrier. You can also return it yourself, or make a replacement, by prior agreement, at the address: Gagarin Avenue 98, office 202.
Replacement of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time, but does not take more than 2 working weeks.
A full refund on your request is also carried out as soon as possible, but it does not take more than 2 working weeks.

Refunds are made to your bank card. We want you to be satisfied with your order, he came to you safe and sound, and pleased you every day!

To issue a return, please fill out the request form at the link: