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Convertible Single-Seater Desk with Horizontal Table Top (STANDART)

Convertible Single-Seater Desk with Horizontal Table Top (STANDART)
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Brand: Компания ТСО
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Product Code: СТАНДАРТ
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SHELF is a separate accessory.

Table Top: horizontal;

Table Top Dimension: 600 mm x 500 mm;

Weight: 7 kg;

Desk Height is regulated:

4th age group = 640 mm;

5th age group = 700 mm;

6th age group = 760 mm;

Table Top and Front Side Material:

Laminated chipboard, thickness = 16mm;

Metal Frame:

  • Tube thickness = 1,5 mm. Such tube thickness permits us to be sure in quality and reliability of our products. Many other manufacturers use thinner tubes (1 – 1,2 mm.)

  • The technology of argon-arc welding is rather difficult because needs highly skilled professionals and modern equipment. But the result is excellent: harmonic sutures, which are almost invisible, and strength of welded item. There is no contact between metal and air during argon-arc welding. Thus, metal does not oxidize and firm welded suture is made.

  • The chair is dyed with varnish-and-paint: powder paint “Faproxyd” made by “Polifarb” (Poland). Frame bearings have plastic elements which protect floor from damages. Corners and external edges which are touched by people are oval and have plastic elements.

  • Frame bearings have plastic elements which protect floor from damages. Corners and external edges which are touched by people are oval and have plastic elements.

Guarantee: frame - 5 years; chipboard and veneer - 1 year.


All TSO school chairs are made in accordance with all-Union State Standard 11016-93, and have the Conclusion of the Sanitary Commission.

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