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Mobile Glass Board 200х100 сm

Mobile Glass Board 200х100 сm
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Product Code: Стеклянная мобильная
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Item Function: presentation board for graphic information display during presentations or education.

Weight: 25 kg.

Overall Size:

Height = 1915 mm;

Length = 2050 mm;

Width = 805 mm.

  • frame material: metal;

  • frame colour: grey;

  • working surface material: glass with thickness 5 mm;

  • working surface colour: colourless transparent surface;

  • possibility to manufacture colourful surface: yes;

  • working surface cleaners: cleaners for glass;

  • shelf for accessories: in basic set;

  • warranty: 1 year;

  • package wrapper: five-layered corrugated cardboard;

  • erase sponge: soft (with cotton erase surface) markerboard sponge;

  • magnetic characteristics: no;

  • possibility to use back side surface: yes;

  • assembling equipment: in set.

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