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Aprons For Kitchen

Aprons For Kitchen
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Do you dream about your kitchen being handy, stylish, cosy, and unique at the same time? Then we offer practical and modern decision – glass apron for kitchen. It is placed between table top and hinged cupboards. They serve as a wall shield from dirtying (fat, steam, water). You select colour and glass dimension. To produce glass board we use durable hardened glass.

Glass aprons have some advantages:

  • Originality.

  • Soundness.

  • Interior beauty.

  • Easy to use.

  • Durable.

  • Magnetic surface.

They are made of sound materials and withstand to steam, water and fat. To clean the surface you just need wet sponge and cleaner.

Our surface has excellent competitive peculiarity – magnetic surface. You will not lose your notes. All you need is to cling them to the surface and they are always in the way!

Glass apron for kitchen is brilliant, stylish and unique decision for your kitchen!

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