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Combined Easel For Children ( 50х50 сm) + children's set 40x50 cm

Combined Easel For Children ( 50х50 сm) + children's set 40x50 cm
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Brand: Компания ТСО
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Product Code: Мольберт
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Easel options

Item Dimension: 500х500 mm.

Item Weight5,5 kg.

Frame: wood alder.

Height From Floor To Board Top: 1 m

  • Boards are made of special polymer surface to write with marker and chalk.

  • Board has a shelf. Shelf basis is made of cork surface. It is possible to access a shelf from any side. The shelf is easy to put together with all construction, which is very convenient in saving your flat area.

  • Frame is covered with colourless oil. It emphasizes beauty and naturalness.

  • Also, the easel can be equipped with regulating legs, which can make it convertible. Thus, it can be raised up to 30 cm with spacing 10 cm.

Children's set parameters

Frame: wood

Number of sides: 2 pcs.

Surface: chalk, marker, combi

Size of the set: 400x500 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg


  • The lid of the box on both sides has a polymer coating designed for writing with a marker or chalk.

  • The basis of the product is covered with colorless oil that will emphasize the beauty and naturalness.

  • The kit includes: a box + a set of wax crayons + markers + sponge + colored chalk.

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