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Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of use for

1.1. This end-user license agreement (the Agreement) is the offer terms for (The Web-site), represented by Web-Site Administration and individual (The User), and regulates the terms of information posting on the Web-site.

1.2. Web-site User is an individual, who visits The Web-site.

1.3. The User should carefully read The Agreement before register in The Web-site. The User’s register means full and unconditional acceptance of the Agreement. In case of User’s unacceptance of the Agreement, User should stop using the Web-Site.

1.4. The Agreement can be edited and/or added unilaterally without special notification by Web-Site Administration. The given Terms & Conditions is a public document.

1.5. The Agreement provides mutual rights and obligations for User and Web-Site Administration according to the following:

  • Web-Site Terms of Use,

  • Privacy Policy,

  • Administration Liability Limits

  • Agreement Precedence Order

2. Web-Site Terms Order

2.1. Web-Site permits to browse and download its information for personal uncommercial use. It is forbidden to change Web-Site information, distribute for public or commercial aims. Any use of information (text or graphic) on other Web-Sites or computer networks is possible only with hyperlink to the source

2.2. With registering the Web-Site and ordering, you agree to provide accurate personal information. TSO e-shop has a right to circulate our Special Offers to your telephone number given in the order. If you do not want to receive information about our Special Offers, just telephone to our call-center and refuse or send e-mail with refusal to In this case, we engage to exclude your e-mail address from our Mailing List.

2.3. Registering the Web-Site you receive your own login and password. Their security is under your responsibility.

2.4. You can turn to us with questions, claims, requests to improve our work or with any other information. In this case, you bear responsibility for the request not being illegal, threatening, author’s rights derogatory, people discriminating and containing outrages or breaking Ukrainian legislation.

3. User’s Personal Information

3.1. Web-Site Administration respectfully and responsibly treats every visitor of the Web-Site. Accepting this Agreement the User agrees with capture and use of personal information according to provisions of Law of Ukraine “Sensitive Personal Information” and Web-Site Administration policy on Sensitive Personal Information. In addition, User agrees to Web-Site Administration to capture, assign, process and support information on User’s Account to provide services.

3.2. Web-Site Administration engages to capture personal information only for service improvement.

3.3. Web-Site Administration capture both main personal information (first name, second name, address, e-mail address) and technical information (web cookies, link information and system information).

3.4. User agrees that information privacy is not guaranteed by Web-Site Administration if any third party has an access to his/her information.

3.5. Web-Site Administration can use any captured information from e-shop to improve Web-Site content, its redesign, information transfer to User (if there is a request) for marketing or research aims or for other legal aims under Ukrainian legislation.

4. Administration liability limits

4.1. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for mistakes, misprints and inaccuracy which can be found in the Web-Site data. Web-Site Administration makes all possible efforts to provide accurate and authentic information on the Web-Site. All information is given on terms “as-is” without any guarantees (evident and constructive.)

4.2. Web-Site information is constantly renewed and may become out-of-date at any moment. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for out-of-date information acquisition and for User’s incapacity to obtain Web-Site information renewal.

4.3. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for feedbacks. Web-Site Administration opinion and feedback authors can differ. At the same time, Administration takes all possible measures not to feedback messages that break Ukrainian legislation or ethical standards.

4.4. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for possible User’s illegal actions against third party and vice-versa.

4.5. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for User’s feedbacks at

4.6. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for losses and costs (real or possible), which can emerge due to the Web-Site, its use or impossibility to use.

4.7. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for User’s impossibility to access to his/her account at (loss of login, password, and other information.)

4.8. Web-Site Administration bears no responsibility for incomplete and inaccurate User’s information during User’s register.

4.9. If you have any problems with use of Web-Site, disagree with some issues of the Agreement or receive incorrect information from the third party or abusive information, please, turn to Web-Site Administration for it to analyze and eliminate corresponding defects, restrict and prevent undesirable information flow and (if necessary) to eliminate or to disable User’s account, who breaks purposely Web-Site Terms & Conditions.

4.10. Under above-mentioned information Web-Site Administration has a right to remove web-Site information and to take technical and legal measures of access elimination for Users who (according to Administration) make problems for other Users to use the Web-Site, and Users who breaks the terms of Terms & Conditions.

5. Agreement Precedence Order

5.1. The given Agreement is a bargain. Web-Site Administration has right for both to change the Agreement and to bring a new one. Such changes are effective since their allocation on the Web-Site. If User uses Web-Site information after changes were made, he/she accepts them automatically.

5.2. The following Agreement is in force since the first Web-Site visit and it is effective between User and Company while User uses the Web-Site.

5.3. Web-Site is a legal object of Web-Site Administration intellectual property. All sole property author's rights on Web-Site belongs to Web-Site Administration. Use of Web-Site is possible strictly within the limits of Agreement and legislation of Ukraine on intellectual property.

5.4. All hyperlinked trade marks in Web-Site information are the property of their proper owners.

5.5. User agrees not to render, repeat, copy the parts of the Web-Site, except the cases when such permission is given to User by Web-Site Administration.

5.6. The given Agreement is regulated and explained under legislation of Ukraine. Non-stated issues in the agreement can be resolved in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

To franchisers:

If you find some illegally posted intellectual property: picture, text, etc. (which belongs to you), contact to Web-Site Administration to solve this problem.